In Praise of Those Who Save

Speaker’s Outline

Elderly Couple Holding Hand

  • Symbolizes perseverance and commitment
  • Their affection still alive and strong

A Society of Disposables

  • We get rid of things that break down, wear out, grow tired
  • As a church we value marriage and family

Celestial Pattern

  • Our doctrine helps us have eternal perspective
  • An echo of a celestial pattern

Save Marriages

  • Takes time, patience, and blessings of the Atonement
  • Those who save marriages save future generations

Built Brick by Brick

  • Great marriages are built brick by brick
  • Requires constant, intentional work, best efforts

Be Happy

  • D&C 64:33
  • “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be (Abe Lincoln)

Pick the Flowers

  • Pull the weeds & pick the flowers
  • Look for the good

Save Families

  • Don’t force everyone into a mold of our own making –Celebrate differences
  • Successful families counsel with each other

Enemy of Charity

  • If charity is the pure love of Christ then pride is the defining characteristic of Satan
  • The beginning and the end of the solution to solving any problem is charity

What’s Your Legacy?

  • What do you want to leave your posterity?
  • Not a sign of weakness to apologize – especially when you are not at fault


The talk is from President Uchtdorf, General Conference, April 2016, Priesthood session. I found the talk that I wanted to use and then selected the key words and sketched them out to formulate my ideas for the slides. My audience for my powerpoint is the Relief Society sisters in my ward. I have to give a lesson to them in a couple of weeks. Next, I selected images that I thought invoked the feelings or portrayed my message. I incorporated a border around the image, using the eyedropper to help me select a color. I repeated the color for the border on the text boxes. Each slide repeated the same format in color, design, text size and type.

Critique Process:

Michelle Davis liked my color choices and images. She suggested I overlap the text boxes to connect the text message. Brother Shurtliff suggested I widen the border and make sure all of the text in the boxes are the same. Some were all uppercase and a few were lowercase with the first letter being a capital. He also to adjust the spacing between the text boxes and the border.

Links to the Talk:

Fonts: Aniene (Script)– Bold, for the (Title) and for variation in the text, Berlin Sans FB (San Serif) for the larger text. (Body)

Links to images:



4 thoughts on “In Praise of Those Who Save

  1. Hi Deborah,

    I really liked your slides project, I think that it portrays the talk perfectly. One of the things that I liked that you did is that you found great pictures. If there was one thing that I would suggest it would be to keep the color scheme the same throughout the presentation. Overall you did a great job and it looks great.

    Visit my blog at:

    Here is a link to our classmate Michelle Davis’s blog:


  2. Hello Deborah, great work. I really liked the font styles that you chose, I believe that it gave an extra touch to the image.
    Your shapes were a good one as well, making the photos, frames that you set them within boundaries, but without overwhelming them.
    I also believe that the images you chose, went really well with the topic you set for each.

    Mine –
    Lucien Amazan –


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